- Drinking fountain closed.  Water & other beverages available for sale at front desk.
- Sanitize all flat surfaces on a regular basis.
- Hand sanitizer available throughout entire facility.
- Commercial exhaust fans on, doors open depending on weather and size of group.
- Recent completion of PHASE 3 on our outdoor area and addition of several outdoor opportunities!

We trust our attendees to practice personal responsibility and use proper hygiene measures to keep everyone safe. We always request that people stay home if they are not feeling well. We ask that everyone please do their part to protect themselves and others. We offer an all inclusive environment. Come as you are, ALL are welcome.
We do not question our guests about personal health info. 

Please feel free to call with additional questions: 971.998.5120

SGD at the Ballroom fully supports choices. While we strive to follow all CDC guidelines and set the template for a safe space, our attendees can make decisions best for them.  The Ballroom is not essential, it's an optional space for people to have fun, get exercise, socialize and dance.  We kindly ask that attendees please respect the current climate we are in and do not judge or bring negativity towards our attendees or the facility about these free choice opportunities.

Thank you for your understanding & support.
SGD Management & staff