The unexpected events of Covid-19 have left us wondering about the future ahead. We are hopeful to push forward with our business plans and are currently seeking similar companies or individuals to join us.


We know that this unfortunate time may have left other people worried about their companies or careers as well.  We are seeking others to join us for employment positions as well as independent contractors and leasers.


Jobs available for employment:

Full-time Membership/ Marketing Manager

Full-time Front Desk Manager

Part-time Evening & weekends front desk

Seeking independent contractors/ leasers:

Dance/ fitness instructors

Small businesses seeking space in the dance/fitness industry

Arts/ education/ event space available on a weekly basis.

Volunteers needed:

Friday evenings for One hour shifts between 6:45PM-12:30AM depending on availability.

Sunday evenings between 7-10PM.

Handyman help always needed.


Please reach out to Shawn Gardner directly at: with questions and to discuss opportunities.

Call directly 971.998.5120