Studio Transition has been underway & new business ownership is established

The Ballroom Dance Company building sale closed July 29th

Shawn Gardner Dancing assumed responsibility (under new owners)  8/1/19

BLOG POST 1 - August, 2019

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BLOG POST 2 - November, 2019

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Update 11/11/2019: Shawn Gardner Dancing has leased the entire Ballroom effective August 1, 2019. Classes, socials and programs are all running. We are interested in hearing from you if you are looking for space!  Thank you ALL for your patience these past several months as we've transitioned into our new home. Please read the most recent Blog post to stay informed.

We are pleased to announce that Shawn Gardner Dancing has leased the prior Ballroom Dance Company building effective August 1, 2019.  Our new programs are in the works and we are currently hiring additional Dance & Fitness instructors.

Our new company model includes Dance, Fitness and Events with the primary focus of creating a positive, fun and healthy community.  Our goal is to create an all-inclusive space available to independent instructors, organizations., dance companies, movement groups, fitness programs, community groups and more!


Our team is working around the clock on all aspects of our new plan and we are excited for the future ahead. Please stay informed on our Blog posts above and feel free to contact us directly with questions, concerns or ideas. 



August 1: SGD assumed responsibility

August 11: SGD 'Soft Opening' was a success

August 12: Opened for regular business

September kicked off many new Programs

We are now in full swing and look forward to seeing you soon!

We are excited for the future ahead as we start our new chapter and we want to thank you all for the support you've shown Shawn Gardner Dancing and The Ballroom Dance Company over the past 12 years!

Visit our website calendar here to view our schedule of classes and events currently being updated everyday! 

Shawn Gardner