Dance Project

In anticipation and celebration of reuniting, we are offering a footwork project for those that would like to participate! This will be open to ALL levels of dancers and a fun way to stay connected and working on something as a group.   The project will be a Salsa footwork routine.

How it works:

Sign up to receive more info and we will send you an e-mail with more detailed information. Everyone will start working from home on the free footwork videos. We will meet a few times a month online as a group to practice together.  There will be a regular group class fee for the online practices with the instructors.


Once we are able to start meeting socially again, we will become an official team. Those that are able to move forward with the additional practice commitments will continue working together. The plan is to perform a few times at Salsa in the Park or later this Fall if we need to wait that long. Details will come together as our social distancing situation changes. 


This is meant to be something fun & rewarding and we envision LOTS of people participating as a big group!  There will be different sections for different levels of participants.  The cost of the project will be minimal while online. (Around $10/ practice). Once we are able to meet as a group, additional commitments for practice and fees will be discussed before you will need to commit for the remainder of the project. This is all about having fun, celebrating and reuniting as a dance community!  The more people, the more fun so JOIN US!

Sign up to receive more info

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