Salsa Fusion

Did You Know?

You might not know these interesting facts about Salsa Fusion and the vision and goals behind it; so here are some tidbits for you to be well informed.

Salsa Fusion got it’s name from an idea I had to bring different styles together at one fun Halloween Party in 2015.  We offered an LA style Salsa & Bachata room, Cuban Salsa room and Kizomba room!  It was such a success,  Salsa Fusion Halloween 2016 continued; and with that came Special Events like Red & White Salsa Night for the Christmas season and Valentine’s! Now we are excited to be offering several fun & casual monthly dance events!  The name Salsa Fusion is truly what it is, a celebration of dance styles fusing together in our community.


The primary purpose of these special Fusion events is to build and enlarge our community, making it bigger and stronger.  With different instructors teaching the beginning lesson,  different studios  showcasing their performances and different DJ’s invited to play music;  we are not only promoting  everyone in our Portland salsa community, but also becoming more informed and appreciative as a group of dancers. We are working as a team. All studios, teachers, DJS & promoters are welcome and encouraged to display their flyers & business cards at Salsa Fusion events.  The more informed our community is about all the offerings, the better.

We provide dance shows during the night to showcase our local talent as entertainment for our  attendees.  It’s also a way to show support  to our local dancers and provide opportunities for them to practice their routines that they put so much effort into. To some, dancing is for fun and social,  to others, it’s a way of life.  Our goal is to support local performers and at the same time provide a great space and enough dance time for the social dancers too.


Salsa Fusion is promoted by a very caring group of people.  These people are all very neutral in the  Salsa community and support all events.  They try to steer clear of any un-necessary drama or politics and  always encourage others to do the same. This is a team effort that they choose to be a part of because they believe in the vision and goals.  If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us.  We are always looking for more people to help with promotions, photography, videography and more. 

There are over 70+ people on the VIP list—No Professional Salsa teacher, DJ or Promoter ever pays to get into Salsa Fusion events.  All are FREE and on the VIP list as a thank you for what they do to help build our community. 


Salsa Fusion wants to provide something different… something special.  The occasional themes are a fun way to  engage our attendees in the event and feel united as a group—After all, that’s what we are trying to do!

We look forward to seeing you at SALSA FUSION!