Salsa & Bachata Night
 Every Friday
Indoors & outdoors
Beginning Lesson 8:00-8:30PM
Dancing 8:30-11:30PM

Some video clipes are Pre-covid

NEW COVERED OUTDOOR AREA on the far side of our building (next to transit center) including covered dance floor and gated area.  Additional improvements are taking place so stay tuned...


Join us in Tigard on Friday evenings for a night of dancing and great music!

No partner? No big deal! Come grab a drink at our full bar and hang out with friends, meet new people and surround yourself with positive vibes!

After plans to cancel, we heard our attendees and realize this is one of the only outlets available for joy and exercise in this challenging time.  We have been doing our best in getting creative and finding ways to adhere to the ever-changing policies and it's be VERY challenging and taxing on our business and staff.   Thank you to our ATTENDEES for voting to increase the cover to this event rather than canceling it. This will help our business tremendously as we are in a very poor financial situation.

🔸 Cover is by donation with a suggested min. of $20/ person. *If you prefer a lower cover and need to save $, volunteers receive a comp pass. Volunteering entails helping before/during/after event based on your availability. Please contact us in advance. If you'd like to contribute more than $20, you can do so on site on our Go fund me page.

ONE MORE GREAT WAY TO SAVE Check out our 'Social Pass' good for 30 days from the date of purchase for only $45! A great way to save on your Friday night events!

 🔸Hosting this event is very costly to our business. It does not make money.  We are hopeful with the increased cover, the business may cover costs & earn a little in the future. We are providing this opportunity as one of the only social options around that is so desperately needed in this time.  

- Beginning lesson has returned 8:00-8:30PM


Our hope in attempting these experimental events is that we can help bring much needed happiness, exercise and socializing  back into the lives of our attendees in a safe way.  Come join us to hear some great music, lift your spirits and have a fun and active evening!

We care deeply for our students and attendees and thank you so much for standing by us in this very difficult time. 

- SGD Management and staff
Questions? Call: 971-998-5120



Visit our new ZEN PLANNER system and follow the below instructions:

Select desired event
From there, you will either:
A.) Sign up for an account (each person coming needs own account)
B.) Sign into existing account

If you have any issues, please call 971.998.5120

Thank you for your participation & support and we hope to see you there! 

 Shawn Gardner Dancing 8900 SW Commercial St. Tigard, OR 97223


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