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D'Leene Deboer

D'Leene (Day-Lean) has been a dancer for over twenty years as a ballerina, country western and west coast swing dancer. She has a joyous and enthusiastic drive to continue growing as a dancer adding blues, fusion, Latin, zouk, kizomba, hip hop, contemporary and other dance styles to her repertoire. She shares her passion and knowledge of dance inspiring and training new dancers everywhere she goes. She is a leader in the west coast swing community sharing her soul with her dance partners and audiences alike every time her foot touches the floor.
As an All Star competitor D'Leene holds many trophies and 1st place titles. Some of her passions and talents include choreography for both solo and partnered dances including wedding parties and competitively. With her education in Nursing, body work, chemistry, pathophysiology and muscle usage she is able to help dancers understand how to make adjustments that significantly grow and improve their dancing, prevent injury and adjust for previous injury. She helps dancers understand that it's not what you were born with that makes you a dancer it's your training that makes you a dancer. Her support and encouragement inspires and motivates her students achieving excellent results.
D'Leene continues to compete and invest in her dance education attending events and work shops internationally. She does this not just for dance but fitness and Nursing as well. Her students benefit greatly from her commitment and drive to not only be an excellent dancer but an excellent teacher. She now shares her love of dance with many at her and her husband's studio, Amoré Dance Studio as well as other local ballrooms such as SGD at The Ballroom in Tigard.

D'Leene teaches West Coast Swing

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