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​Eric Hayden

​Eric has been training for the past 15 years under his primary coach Sunnie Page as well as Shawn Gardner, Mark Richman, David Semken, and Valentine Bachvarov. Eric is proficient in International Standard and Latin dancing with knowledge in many other styles of dance including Nightclub Two Step and East Coast Swing. Eric has competed in several NDCA and USA Dance competitions in Oregon, Washington, and California. He has also been performing all 15 years of his dance career both as solo performances with partners, with instructors and on numerous youth, teen, and adult dance teams under Shawn Gardner. Eric attributes his knowledge and passion for dance to his coaches and is thankful for the teaching assistant opportunities he's been given over the many years which has led him to become the teacher he is today. In addition to assisting and teaching, Eric is also a DJ for the Sunday night social in the main room. Eric has grown his DJ skills through many years of assisting the Ballroom dances as well as with Shawn Gardner's teen PDX program for five years. Eric has come to be one of the most sought after helping hands in the Ballroom not only because of his dance expertise but also because of his commitment and loyalty to the building, Sunnie Page, Shawn Gardner and the rest of our dance family.

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