Update as of 1-10-21:

We are opening  with a limited schedule of outdoor offerings. Additional offerings are coming.

SGD Dance, Fitness and Event Center MUST OPEN in order to make it!


SGD was never provided the Government assistance that was promised at the beginning of the pandemic, despite applying for it in March.  We have worked extremely hard for 10 months complying with all guidelines & restrictions through very creative offerings and have fought daily to get the promised government funding that we still have yet to receive. It has become obvious that our  business is not a priority and we will no longer  tolerate the  unfair  treatment of our  Government picking &  choosing who deserves to earn a  living.   We have lost all  money, all staff and are on the verge of losing our entire business as we watch packed malls and big box corporations get rich. Our 17,000 SF facility is plenty large and no different than a Ross or grocery store.

Fitness and social interaction is essential and needed NOW MORE THAN EVER! Dance, music and socializing fills the soul and brings us together for shared happiness. This missing piece out of our lives is truly essential and it's time to come together and reunite!

The recent unfair shut down of the fitness sector is the last straw for us. We will not make it through this without that promised assistance and the help of our followers. It's been 10 months and we can't just wait this out, business doesn't work like that. We cannot take our services "curb side" and we are not getting any assistance to remain closed while most other business can be open. We are opening on a  temporary basis with a limited schedule in January and have started a   Go fund me campaign: Help Save Shawn Gardner Dancing in an attempt to salvage what’s left of our business.  Please see our calendar for our limited offerings.

Although SGD previously offered 35+ classes a week,  we can only offer limited offerings until we can gather enough funding to get going fully again.  We will be open 7 days a week for private rentals, private lessons, private small groups and private events. Contact us if you are interested in scheduling or booking space/ lessons: 971-998-5120

To view our facility policies & safety precautions click here

To view our limited calendar of offerings click here


Invitation to Small business owners in the Dance & Fitness Industry
Space also available for educational programs
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