Our Summer season has been off the charts FUN!  Thank you to all of you who have come out to enjoy our summer socials and classes!


We are on phase 5 of our ever-changing and improving outdoor area that we built during the summer of 2020. NOW Fully covered, lifted dance floor with stage, lighting, sound and more!  NEW outdoor bar is complete with addition of new seating, umbrellas, expanded fenced area, additional rain proofed tents with gutters, improved clear walls and so much more!

We continue to make fun changes and upgrades to the inside of our facility as well!  Have you seen them?

NEW Double door entrance in the Champions room leading to outdoors!

NEW Mirror in the Blue room!

NEW remodeled lobby!

NEW remodeled entrance to restrooms from CHAMPIONS room!

NEW fitness equipment room in the Blue room!

NEW TVs in all ballrooms for video promo display!

NEW valance & curtains in Champions room!

NEW Stages for elevated instruction and DJS!

NEW upgraded club lighting in all rooms!

NEW upgraded paint in Blue room & ladies restroom!


We are offering a 1 WEEK FREE PASS for anyone new to our facility or to people who have not attended our facility since the beginning of the pandemic!

Try out classes & socials FREE for 1 week!

WOW- Activate your free week pass TODAY!

Join the Membership for only $95/Month!

Includes everything on the calendar!

A great way to get moving & meet new people as well as a great way to support our businesses efforts to continue forward.

We look forward to seeing you all soon at the facility!

SGD Dance, Fitness and Event Center has been focusing on growing our membership support in order to keep the business alive.

We were never provided the Government assistance that was "promised" at the beginning of the pandemic, despite applying for it in March 2020.  We have worked extremely hard through very creative options the entire pandemic with no break in offerings. The devastation to our business has been completely unfair as we have watched packed malls and big box corporations get rich with no restrictions. Our 17,000 SF facility is plenty large and no different than a retail or grocery store. We did not take a break and we did not sit home and collect a Government paycheck. We have worked non-stop around the clock to provide choices and options for people to keep moving despite all the challenges with restrictions.  Fitness and socializing will always be essential and we will continue to provide those opportunities no matter what comes our way. 

Join us in our effort to keep our facility alive and moving forward with our rebranding & grand re-opening plans!





We have a goal of building up our membership as fast as possible. 

Membership includes:

ALL Dance classes

ALL Fitness classes

ALL Social nights

No contracts, month-to-month and cancel at anytime.  Your support will HELP US continue forward and HELP YOU establish a routine that's so important for your physical and mental health. A great way to kick off a new routine with much needed movement, happiness and socializing! Please spread the word to friends that may want to support a shuttered small business that has been fighting the entire pandemic and provides choices and many options to get moving! See more about the membership HERE

The Membership Program is keeping us alive!

We are always transparent with our attendees and keep them up to date on our situation at the Ballroom. Our facility is not cheap, our operating costs are over 60K/ month so additional memberships are needed to help keep the facility alive!
It will be a long time before we will recover from the debt of the pandemic however we have faith for the future of SGD at the Ballroom!
We do our absolute best to bring you a quality membership and would love your support!

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