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Students start with the basics of many dances that can be used socially in

Latin clubs, ballroom clubs, weddings & parties.

If students are interested in progressing into the higher levels, they are welcome to do so with instructor permission.


It's always best to start on the 1st or 2nd week of the month as most dance classes are run in a series. We do not recommend starting on the 3rd or 4th week of the month unless you have previous experience. See calendar for current offerings.


The below skill level chart can be used in general with most styles to guide you in what level to attend.  If you are not sure which skill level to attend, please call us. You are always welcome to try the classes one time, however you will need instructor approval to stay in the higher level classes. 

LEVEL 1: 0-3 Months experience.  Great for Beginners

LEVEL 2: 3-6 months experience. Class once a week, starting to attend social dances. Great for the new social dancer.

LEVEL 3: 6-12 months experience. Class once a week, attend socials on a regular basis.

Great for the social dancer at a higher level. Patterns for the social dance floor.

LEVEL 4: 12+ months experience, practice regularly. Classes/ privates, social dance and personal practice on a regular basis, considering performance or competition, high level of technique, less patterns.

Adult Beginning Dance Lessons
Adult dance lessons
Salsa & Bachata 
Our Salsa & Bachata program is one of the biggest around and offers 4 levels to choose from.
We ask that you please follow the above skill level chart and stick to your current level only.  If you would like to learn faster, we highly recommend private lessons or semi-private lessons with a group of friends.  We offer lots of options for Salsa/ Bachata social dancing at our facility as well so check out our calendar for the current offerings!


West Coast Swing 

Our West Coast Swing program is super popular and taught by some amazing instructors. Classes are quite large and lots of fun! We also several West Coast Swing social nights as well so see our calendar for current offerings.

 Argentine Tango 

Beginning Argentine Tango is currently offered at our facility as well as a Tango practica and private lessons. Please see schedule for current offerigs.


Ballroom, Latin , & Social Styles

We currently have some of the best teachers in the Northwest on our teaching staff.  Check our calendar for International Standard & Latin, American Smooth & Rhythm, Social dances and more.  

Country Partner & Country Line

We offer both Country partner and Country Line classes.

From Country 2-step, East Coast Swing, Hustle and traveling Cha Cha... to Night club 2-step, Horse shoe, Line dances and more! Check out our Friday night social with a different Country class at each social See our calendar for current Country offerings.


Fitness Classes 

Announcing a new fitness element to our business model! We are very excited to be expanding with the purchase of the Diva Den Studio in November 2021!  Check out all the new fitness classes on our calendar from Tone & Stretch, Barre, 503 Cardio Groove, Comin in Hot and so much more!  We will continue to use the Diva Den Studio name but it is an official add on to Shawn Gardner Dancing!

Adult Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available 7 days a week for all ages and skill levels. Students are welcome to use the private lessons how they'd like, however they are mostly used for:


  • Wedding Preparation

  • Learning the basics 

  • Technique 

  • Couples Competition

  • Pro/ Am Competition or show dance.


Students are welcome to share private lessons with up to 4 people.  Private lesson schedule is based on the individual and instructor's availability.


Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance lessons

Is your BIG day coming up?  We can help you prepare your special dance as Husband & Wife, Father & Daughter, Mother & Son.  Your wedding dance lessons will be designed to fit your needs. Perhaps you are looking for a couple lessons just to look confident on the dance floor or maybe you have plans for something bigger - whatever it is, we can help you design the wedding dance to best suit your needs.  This day will be magical for you and we know exactly what you need to enter/ exit, dance with grace and even finish with a beautiful picture pose. Contact us today for more information.

Pro-Am Competition
Rose City Salsa & Timba Festival

Pro/ Am Competition & Show Dance

Several of our Professionals are available to partner with you for Pro/Am Competition as well as show dance competition or performance. Our focus is for your success and ensure you reach your dance goals; whether that be to participate and have fun or place the best you can. Competitive and non-competitive options are available in both competition and show dance.

Private lessons are required for Pro/ Am competition and show dances and it's suggested that you also practice on your own. Pro/Am competition starts at the beginning level. Learning and competing with the instructor is the fastest and most efficient way you can learn.

Some of our instructors specialize in creating award winning show dance choreography in Ballroom, Swing, Salsa and more.  Looking to create a show to remember for a lifetime? Want to perform on a stage or in a competition? Casual shows are also available for your church functions, family gatherings, reunions and more. Contact us to discuss your goals.  Whether that be to learn a simple Waltz or Foxtrot, create a competitive show dance routine or focus on traveling to compete in the biggest competitions, the sky is the limit! Contact us today to discuss your dancing goals and to get started!



Ladies Latin Team.jpg

Ladies Latin Team

The Ladies Latin Team is a group of female dancers who work together on a show routine and perform locally.  We are always looking for new dancers to join in fun.  It's a great place to come learn sassy Latin styling and flair for your own individual dancing too. Some previous dance experience is required. The team practices twice a week. A commitment is required. The team performs at local dance festivals and events as well as takes occasional trips out of town for bigger opportunities.

Sessions normally start in Fall (Sept/ Oct) and late winter (Feb/ March). Message us if you'd like info on how to get started!  Click here to see a previous ladies team choreography. 

Couples Latin Team.JPG

Couples Latin Team

Our Couples Latin Team is a great social activity for people interested in performance and working together as a team. The team learns a fun show number to perform locally around the community. Practices are twice a week.

Fall/ Winter Session: Oct - Jan.

Spring/ Summer Session: Feb - Mid July

Message us if you'd like info on how to get started. Click here to see our most recent choreography.


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