Welcome and thank you for your interest in our programs.
You will find useful information on this page about how to get started in Dance & Fitness classes.
Please read it all before proceeding so you know what to expect.
We look forward to meeting you soon!
1.) Please take a look at our CALENDAR to determine what classes will fit your schedule.
2.) Once you are interested in specific classes, please see our ZEN PLANNER online registration system to view the complete details of the class to be sure it's a good fit for your needs. To get to Zen Planner, first click on the calendar tab and you will see it on that page.
3.)  SIGN UP in advance by creating an online account on our Zen Planner system and reserving your classes. When you SIGN UP, you will have the ability to register for either a one time drop-in,  the series (typically a month) or you can sign up for a MEMBERSHIP.  The Membership is by far the best deal as it currently includes ALL Dance classes, ALL Fitness classes and ALL Dance socials on the calendar for only $75/ month!  Once you get this membership deal and keep it current, you will be able to keep that rate forever even when the price increases in the future!  With the membership you can attend dance & fitness classes and socials ALL WEEK LONG! No contracts, No sign up fee, No pro-rates, No hidden gimmicks.  Just $75/ month!
Frequently asked questions
Pertaining to Dance & Fitness classes as well as socials:
Where can I get all the details on the classes like cost, time, etc?
Our Zen Planner system has all the details you are looking for!  Go to the Calendar tab and click the Zen Planner online registration system. From there, you you will see an electronic version of the calendar that has ALL the details when you click on the class.
When is the best time to join a dance class?  What about a fitness class?
The best time to join a new dance class is always on the 1st or 2nd week of the month as most of our classes are taught in a progressive series that runs flush with the month starting on the first week of the month. Drop-ins are welcome throughout the entire month. We recommend you have some experience or have caught up to the 1st and 2nd week's material if you are joining later in the month or have instructor approval.  Fitness classes are drop-in so you can join them at anytime!

Do I need to bring a partner for dance classes?

No partner needed for class. If you want a guaranteed partner, please bring one. You are also welcome to pair up with other singles in the class.  Our classes  offer rotation for those that choose that option.  If you prefer to remain solo, that is also an option. 

What do people wear to dance classes? What about fitness classes?

Most people dress casual in dance classes including jeans. Dance shoes are not required for dance classes. We recommend that you wear closed toed street shoes that have a slick bottom for easy turning or pivoting.  In fitness classes, we recommend fitness attire as you would wear to the gym.

What are your safety  precautions?

We always put safety first and are always transparent to our guests about what the environment is like for activities.  This way, everyone knows in advance what to expect and they can make decisions that are best for them and their health.  Please see our safety precautions page HERE or call  for additional details. 


Are masks required?

While our facility encourages people to choose what is best for them and their health, we have options for everyone to feel comfortable. See Zen Planner or call for details.


Can I rotate at  dance socials?

Singles & couples welcome.  People are encouraged to do as they see fit for themselves and their health.

Are you going to be adding more classes?

Yes, we will be adding more options as we can. We also have additional independent offerings that are not currently listed on the calendar.  Please check with the desk on details.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we have several teachers offering private lessons.  Depending on which instructor you book with, lessons range from $70-$100/ hour. Please contact us for details.

Do you offer practice space available?

Yes, we have space available for practicing.  We have practices passes available ranging from $6-$11/ hour depending on the pass you purchase. Sign up at the front desk for your practice pass and you will also need to schedule time in advance.

If you have additional questions, please contact us by calling the office at: 503.624.6565 or the business cell at: 971.998.5120

We look forward to seeing you at the facility soon!