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The pandemic was devastating to everyone in different ways. As a business that specializes in social contact and large gatherings, we lost most of what we built up prior and are doing what we can to recover. SGD stayed open through the pandemic offering choices and options for people to keep moving and socializing. Dance & Fitness ARE essential and we will continue offering these options. Although we have kept pushing to fight through this, we need more support to keep going. 

Like the rest of the population, we are very concerned about the future of our business. We do not want to close SGD or lose The Ballroom. It was a blessing we were able to keep it in the first place. Please see below on ways you can help with the continuation of Shawn Gardner Dancing and our re-branding plans that were meant to take place in summer of 2020 (now TBD).
Many people ask "How can I help?"

There are several different Membership options for you to choose from. Your participation will help SGD recover and help you establish a new routine that's so important for your physical and mental health. A great way for you to get involved in community and much needed movement, happiness and socializing. Please spread the word to friends that want to support a small business that has fought through the pandemic with a hopeful future. SIGN UP HERE.

2.) SHARE our posts on social media such as Facebook & Instagram.  We have many things going on at the facility and when you share, it helps bring awareness to SGD. We would love it if you could help share posts on social media, invite friends, etc.  Helping spread the word helps us so much!

3.) Spread the word about our SPACE available for rent.  We have 3 large ballrooms including tables, chairs, state-of-the-art lighting and sound, hardwood floors, viewing balconies, full kitchen, studio apartment, storage, a covered/heated outdoor space  and more!  With over 17,000 SF, we are great option for multi-room events to accommodate many people.  We would appreciate your help spreading the word. See our RENTALS tab on the main menu for more info. 

4.) Shawn Gardner Dancing can use VOLUNTEERS! 
We always have things going on at the Ballroom and could use all the help we can get. From sewing, to handyman work to cleaning, greeting at events and more.  If you are interested in helping out, please E-MAIL US.

We have a group of people that help promote our special events.  It's a designated group of people that help invite friends on Facebook and share posts.  In exchange, we offer Memberships to those people!  Interested in helping? Contact Shawn directly. 

Thank you so much for your support!

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