The recent events of the COVID-19 outbreak have been devastating to us all.  As our entire business operates around social contact, we are concerned for the future of our business at The Ballroom. Our team has been following the updates from our state officials and doing the best we can to follow all guidelines set forth for businesses such as ours.  
Like the rest of the population, we are very concerned and have some difficult choices to make. We do not want to lose The Ballroom. It was a blessing we were able to keep it in the first place. Please see below on ways you can help with the continuation with SGD at the Ballroom during these times.
Many people have asked "How can I help?"
All small business are currently being effected.   
Here are ways you can help The Ballroom: 
1.) Participate in our ONLINE classes and share the information with your friends! 
2.)  Sign up for a monthly Membership. Although there are not as many in person offerings as before,  many people are keeping their memberships or signing up for new ones as a way to help the Ballroom in this time.  We are offering many online classes and encouraging new viewers to sign up as well. 
$35/Month: Virtual Membership - Unlimited Online Classes
$45/Month: Friends of the Ballroom- Unlimited Online Classes + Wed Night Open Practices
$75/ Month: Bronze Membership- All Online & In person Beg Dance & Fitness + Wed Practices
$120/Month: Gold Membership- Full access to all offerings including socials.
3.) Please reconsider cancelling or holding memberships if we all want a chance for a Ballroom to return to when this is over.  
4.) Purchase gift cards for future use.
A great way to help out the ballroom now financially and have credit for future use. Gift cards are added as a credit on your account. When we fully re-open, you can use the credit for anything at the studio as well as to purchase paper gift certificates.   
5.) We are always in need of hand sanitizer & disinfectant wipes!
6.) Spread the word about our SPACE available for rent.  During this time, many events are getting cancelled and we are a great option due to the sheer size of our facility. We have 3 large ballrooms including tables, chairs, state-of-the-art lighting and sound, hardwood floors, viewing balconies, full kitchen, studio apartment, storage  and more!  With over 17,000 SF, we are great option for multi-room events to accommodate more people.  We would appreciate your help spreading the word. See our RENTALS tab on the main menu for more info. 
We are also seeking small businesses in the Dance & Fitness industry that may be interested in renting space due to business plan changes. See more info about this on our Facility update page.
7.) Shawn Gardner Dancing, LLC is currently seeking private lenders and/or investors.        After a rough beginning,  we had just started meeting our financial goals with a very positive path ahead after only 8 months in business. We would like to continue forward with our future plans. If you are interested or know someone that may be interested in helping  or chatting about our business plan, please contact Shawn Gardner at 971.998.5120
8.)  FRIENDS OF THE BALLROOM donation option.
For those people that have means to help by monetary contribution which can be a one-time or monthly amount. We have faith for the future and hope to brave this storm together so we can continue business as planned.
Friends of The Ballroom
Supporting the continuation of the Ballroom
We greatly thank you for your help as we strive to continue forward
with our business plans for a great future at The Ballroom!

 Shawn Gardner Dancing 8900 SW Commercial St. Tigard, OR 97223


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