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The pandemic has been devastating to everyone in different ways. As a business that specializes in social contact and large gatherings, we have lost everything. Although we have kept pushing to fight through this for over a year now,  we need support to keep going. Please view our GO FUND ME video below to see just how hard we have been fighting this entire time.  We've kept the faith and never stopped working to keep people moving and engaged through the past year.
Like the rest of the population, we are very concerned and have some difficult choices to make. We do not want to lose The Ballroom. It was a blessing we were able to keep it in the first place. Please see below on ways you can help with the continuation of Shawn Gardner Dancing and our re-branding plans that were meant to take place in summer of 2020 (now scheduled for summer 2021).
Many people have asked "How can I help?"
BRONZE MEMBERSHIP is only $75/ month & includes:
All Dance & Fitness classes + Wednesday, Friday & Sunday Night Socials!
We are in a very poor financial situation and on the verge of losing our business.  Your contribution will help US get back on our feet and help YOU establish a new routine that's so important for your physical and mental health. A great way for you to get involved in much needed movement, happiness and socializing again! We need to build our membership base as fast as possible. Please spread the word to friends that want to support a shuttered small business that has been fighting the entire pandemic and provides choices & options for everyone! SIGN UP HERE
Most recently we have kicked off a GO FUND ME campaign. This Go fund me campaign is an effort to replace the "promised" Government assistance that we still have yet to receive. The promised SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan of 150K was never provided till this day. We fight for it daily. Please see our video and story on our gofundme page  HERE.
3.) Spread the word about our SPACE available for rent.  During this time, many events are getting cancelled and we are a great option due to the sheer size of our facility. We have 3 large ballrooms including tables, chairs, state-of-the-art lighting and sound, hardwood floors, viewing balconies, full kitchen, studio apartment, storage, a covered/heated outdoor space  and more!  With over 17,000 SF, we are great option for multi-room events to accommodate more people.  We would appreciate you help spreading the word. See our RENTALS tab on the main menu for more info. 
4.) Shawn Gardner Dancing, LLC is currently seeking private lenders, investors or partnerships.    After a rough beginning,  we had just started meeting our financial goals with a very positive path ahead after only 8 months in business. We would like to continue forward with our future plans of re-branding the facility. If you are interested or know someone that may be interested in helping  or chatting about our business plan, please contact Shawn Gardner at 971.998.5120
Thank you so much for your support!