GOT DANCE PORTLAND is a community effort founded by Shawn Gardner. The goal is to bring local Portland dance groups and studios together to enjoy & promote dance in many Portland events such as the Starlight Parade, Grand Floral Parade, Portland Salsa in the Park, Community Festivals and more! Welcoming ALL who would like to participate:  Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, Country, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-hop, Contemporary, and more are welcome for the joint projects.

Got Dance is a community effort hoping to grow bigger and bigger each year; including all dance studios and organizations who wish to participate in one common goal: Promoting & sharing DANCE in Portland!

Aside from occasional community projects, you will see many people around town with GOT DANCE T-shirts.  These shirts are an overall initiative to spread the word about dance and get people connected to local groups and studios. Each T-shirt represents a local dance studio or dance organization on the back.  They purchased these through their community project or to help fund the efforts of volunteered and free dance events.

Contact us if you'd like more information and to hear about our next upcoming project or event.



Are you or your group interested in joining us for GOT DANCE? Message us and we will contact you about more details & upcoming performance opportunities! Individuals and groups welcome!

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