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Bree Blevins

For over 20 years, Bree Blevins has pursued dance as both a career and personal dream. After graduating in 1997 from the University of Oregon with a BA in Dance and Anthropology, Bree plunged whole-heartedly into the ballroom world. Bree has competed in Pro/Am and professionally, garnering titles in Arthur Murray's prestigious 2002 Las Vegas World Dance-O-Rama, 2005 Seattle Dance-O-Rama, and 2006 Seattle Star Ball. She specializes in social and competitive dances with a focus in American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Ballroom, and Salsa. Her charm, humor & teaching skills combine to make learning with her exciting and fun. As with all good teachers, Bree's goals are to help beginners feel comfortable, and advance all students towards their dance goals. She's teaches Monday night group lessons and is available for private lessons for all ages, Pro-Am competition, wedding lessons, single & couple adults, competition preparation, show dances & more.

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