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Adam Cornett

Adam Cornett, a Portland native, has been dancing since 2000. Adam has traveled to Buenos Aires eight times and studies a lot during each trip. He focuses on historical information rather than the newest moves. Adam has taught at MIT, Yale, Harvard, Brown, Northwestern, and the world renowned Beijing Dance Academy (the Julliard of China). Adam has taught at most of the major Tango festivals in the US. Adam is the official 2016 US Argentine Tango Champion with Tilly Kimm. He has partnered with two world champions, Maria Ines Bogado and Jesica Arfenoni. Adam has taught thousands of students around the world how to dance tango from every level. He has helped brand new dancers become advanced dancers whom later became teachers and performers themselves. Adam's focus in teaching new dancers is to break the dance down into a way that makes it easier. He feels all new dancers can become competent social dancers in 3-6 months. Adam focuses first on connection, then on technique through vocabulary, then intermediate and advanced technique and musicality. Adam is one of the few dancers in the US that focuses on Salon style tango which is the style of famous dancers such as Sebastian Archaval and Roxana Suarez and many many others. Adam has recorded over 200 videos which you can watch on his website at You can reach him here:

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