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Miles Schofield

​Miles is a professional engineer with a wide range of music and dance experience. During his 20 years of dancing, he has competed in over 20 styles of dance and received training in over 40. His main competitive focus was his 10 years of competing in Ballroom at the Gold level in American Smooth, Rhythm and International Standard. He also competed successfully at the Pre-Champ level in International Standard. After dancing competitively, he decided to switch his focus to social dances such as Argentine Tango, Salsa and Bachata. Miles is known for his funky improv style and awesome musicality which he attributes to a long history of studying music. He has over 20 years experience playing various instruments as well as singing in bands, choirs and ensembles. This musical experience adds to his dance style as he focuses heavily on musicality in his social dances. Overall, his favorite aspects of dancing are exploring the technical movements and musical nuances of each individual dance. Miles met Shawn Gardner on the social dance floor many years ago and they hit it off right away. They now enjoy teaching & practicing together to help their students improve. Miles teaches many social dances as well as Ballroom & Latin and is available for private lessons of all ages.

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