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Paul Venecia

Paul has always been around music.

His love of dance came from watching his parents at Tejano dances and watching them move around the dance floor with ease.

As a boy his dad would play accordion at home and his mom would dance with him in the kitchen.

Growing up, Paul was a big fan of Hip Hop and R&B music. Artists like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and New Edition were very much an inspiration to him and his dancing.

In 2016, Paul joined Shawn Gardner's program and started learning Salsa and Bachata in her intro class. It quickly became a goal to take classes and practice as much as possible to improve his lead.

Paul was excited to further his knowledge of Salsa & Bachata, meet people with similar goals and get connected to the Salsa community.

In 2017, becoming Team Captain on Shawn's Bachata team also inspired him to assist & study more to become a student teacher in Shawn's program.

That same year he joined the Salsa Fusion Team and has been a big part of helping run events ever since.

All of these opportunities have inspired him to train harder and gain more experience so he can one day become a company instructor.

Paul has learned by watching Shawn and how she interacts with her students as well as how she builds her program through the community. He currently teaches beginning Salsa and Bachata workshops, group classes and private lessons.

He has recently taken his love of dance a step further and has started his own company: Dance On Cue, a clothing and accessories line for dancers.

Paul has also just joined our team as the new Event & Sales Manger responsible for all aspects of private rentals in the ballroom. Paul's favorite Quote: "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

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